Didier has spent years experimenting and perfecting the techniques used to realize the visions seen in his art today. Didier combines car paints, reducers, and hardeners applied through a variety of means to achieve the unique dynamic appearance of his art.

Glass and plexiglass are Didier's prefered mediums. He paints on the backside of the mediums, often applying several layers and masks to achieve different visual effects. In the final piece, a three dimensional quality is often achieved. In addition, the colors are luminescent and dynamic yielding different versions of the same painting from different perspectives.

Though art is a reflection of the artist, the viewer may be surprised to see a reflection of their own personality and subconscious when observing Didier's art. It is rare that two viewers of the same piece have a similar interpretation.

Didier has achieved something unique in his artwork that cannot be easily categorized. Take a moment and judge for yourself by viewing Didier's online gallery. Note, though, that the brilliant, most exciting aspect of the techniques Didier uses cannot be fully duplicated in print or digital form. The depth and luminescence of these unusual color-shifting metallics are most dramatic when seen in person. Please contact him to arrange a private viewing.