"It's all in the attitude." It is by this philosophy that Didier Monath lives. It is his positive attitude and desire to try new things that have shaped this artist's path through life.

Didier was born in the French region of Alsace. Being curious and observant from a young age, he spent much of his childhood exploring the hills, valleys, and forests of the countryside surrounding his home. Always an avid daydreamer, his love for art and geometry led him to envision the natural world in terms of geometric shapes and colors.

As an adolescent, Didier devloped a passion for painting custom cars and hot rods, and in 1984 began a long career as a specialized auto body painter. It was at this time that he began experimenting with techniques that would become the basis of his current artwork. Didier was able to produce different effects by mixing different types and colors of car paints. His canvases were glass and plexiglass and he applied paint to the backs of these canvases to produce unique effects, culminating into a progressive modern art style.

Didier feels his artwork is only in its infancy. His daydreams and wild imagination have no boundary, and an insatiable need to express himself compels him to continue to invent new techniques that promise to take his artwork in different and unique directions.